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What is the Endgame?
October 08, 2017 Rick Manis
We've been taught the endgame in Christianity is to get the sin out of our lives so that we can become more Christlike, but when we look at Luke 4:17-21 in which Jesus announced his purpose, we see no mention of behavior change. He wanted to be with us. He wanted to fill us with his love - so we'd be full. No longer needing the selfishness and self-protection that causes sin. The work of Jesus WAS the endgame. Before the endgame, they worked towards it. After the endgame, we simply produce the fruit of it. We think the fruit is the change in behavior (no smoking, no fornication, no lying, etc). But the real fruit is love, joy, and peace. [In this, we are not making light of sin. God hates sin because it causes harm to us and others. Instead we are making much of Jesus.]
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