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The Anecdote for Sin
March 11, 2018 Rick Manis
The bible says sin is the transgression of the law. It’s choices people make that hurts themselves and/or others. Sin kills. Jesus came to deliver us from sin, by giving us His life. James 1:14 says when a person is tempted, he/she is not tempted by God. Rather they are tempted by something inside them - lust. Knowing the unlimited love of God will produce fullness inside a person, which is the anecdote for the lust the draws a person toward sin. What really annihilates sin? The everlasting fountain (Jesus) inside of us. In the Old Testament, Zechariah 13 prophesies of a coming fountain that would be everlasting. It is an inner fountain (Jesus) that shall be for the cleansing of sin and uncleanness. Through Jesus, we have access to this fountain. The one thing that truly fills the heart of every man, the one thing they are searching for in every sin/addiction is the unconditional love of God. If we point others to the goodness of God, the love of God, the fact that they have everything they need inside them in Christ Jesus…then they’ll find what they’re searching for, what replaces lust and the desire for sin. We trust in Jesus and Jesus alone (not in ourselves) in dealing with sin. Instead of living FOR Jesus, we live BY Jesus.
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