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A God's Eye View
May 06, 2018 Rick Manis
God is eternal and undiminishable life. He has imparted to us His Spirit. This is your superpower. You've been translated into the eternal reality and this is where your experience of heave is even amidst the natural world today. We have received the Spirit of God so that we would know the things freely given to us (all that was included in our salvation). The carnal mind does not receive the things of the Spirit because they are foolishness to him. The natural mind has learned to accept death, merit systems, lack, pain, suffering.These things are just normal in the natural. The things of the Spirit include absolute Life, absolute Love, Absolute Heaven. They seem too good to be true. Seeing with the Spirit (with God's eye view) allows us to partake of what's been given to us. Where there is no heavenly vision people perish (they get small, confused, perplexed). Where there is heavenly vision, people come alive (they thrive, get big, are in faith, have joy and peace).
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