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The Temple Done Away, Now Rebuilt
June 17, 2018 Rick Manis
The destruction of the temple in Jerusalem was prophesied about throughout the Old Testament. Hebrews 8 says the Old was ready to vanish away to make room for the New. The system of Jewish rituals and sacrifices was destroyed the day the temple came down. Now there is a new temple - us! We are the new temple of God. Jesus did spend quite a bit of time warning the Jewish people of the coming destruction. In fact, He wept over them and their unbelief. When the day of the destruction came to Jerusalem the ones who were saved were the ones who believed what Jesus had said. They listened and heeded his warnings. Jesus said the temple would be brought down and we know, historically, that this happened in 70 AD, and hasn't been rebuilt since then. There was a judgment that came upon that system of religious law and the knowledge of good and evil it was built on. It was done away with so we might live freely in the Spirit and in love.
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