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Gracious Living
August 26, 2018 Rick Manis
Jesus taught us (and showed us) what gracious living looks like. As God is merciful to the unjust, we are merciful. He is good to those who are not good to Him. He died a death that included all those who were enemies of His. The gracious life begins with an awareness of how good, gracious and loving God is. Without that awareness, your graciousness towards others will be limited. A gracious life is built on rock not sand. In other words, it does not ebb and flow depending on what is happening around you and regardless of how other people treat you. You are walking in the flow of abundant life. The Father loves the Son. Jesus knew that in the depth of his heart, so it did not matter what the Pharisees accused Him of. He knew the Truth. As we listen to and see and believe in this Truth, we become established in it and can grow healthily.
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