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The Message of the Cross
August 26, 2018 Rick Manis
The message of the Cross is foolishness to those with a carnal mind. Jesus didn't come and lead us into military victory or restore Israel's greatness as has been done in Solomon's time. He didn't do what most people in their natural senses would have expected a Messiah to do. Instead, he was crucified. We're preaching one who was killed, didn't live long, was hung in shame by the authorities as an example to others. He died without a natural kingdom. Alone. His followers had all deserted him. But... he rose again. The guy who looked foolish and weak, now risen, living by the power of God. Where's the "wise" now, Paul asks? The world, through wisdom, did not KNOW God. Without Jesus, all of man's best intentions to figure God out, by reading, studying, philosophizing, all come up short. To KNOW God, you enter into a friendship, a loving relationship with Him.
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