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Seeing the Invisible
September 09, 2018 Rick Manis
We look on things that are unseen rather than the things that are seen (2 Corinthians 4:16). Things that are seen were created by the unseen (the eternal). Creation was made good from God who is bigger, larger, eternal. What is seen in the physical is temporal (temporary, within time, and small). The world considers reality to be what is seen, felt, heard, etc. It's based on the physical senses. That is why the problems of this world seem so all-encompassing and overwhelming at times. Jesus said the Kingdom of God is not seen with ocular evidence. It is within. That is what walking in the eternal kingdom is all about. It doesn't just begin at death (then it wouldn't be eternal). It is here and now. Jesus brought this eternal kingdom back into our physical reality. He said it was within us. He said we must be born again from above (from that eternal reality). Your perception determines your reality. Eternity is what has always been and always will be. In this awareness, all in the temporal is put in its proper perspective and we are free to enjoy that large, open spaces of eternity with God.
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