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The Abundance of the Kingdom of God
September 16, 2018 Rick Manis
In Genesis 48:13-20, we see Israel bless the second-born, Ephraim (meaning abundance of fruit), with his right hand, which would usually be reserved for the first born, who was Manassah (meaning to forget). In the carnal world, we operate from lack, wanting to get rid of what's wrong first, but in the Kingdom. we receive His fruitfulness first and the lack is taken care of with that abundance. The Kingdom of God is a gift to us, given by Jesus through His death and resurrection. In it, we are given everything we will ever need to live in the carnal, temporal world. It is so much better for us to lead with the ways of the Kingdom. We've been trained to think carnally: "If I can just get rid of what is wrong, then I'll be happy". But Philemon 1:6 says that our faith becomes effective by acknowledging every good thing within us. The good within us is Jesus. In Jesus is included the eternal, never-fading goodness of the Kingdom of God. Let us acknowledge the good things given us in Christ Jesus like righteousness, completion, holiness, purity, blessing, goodness, joy, life, love.
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